About Neem

Neem is an agile tech company with great people and excellent ideas! 

We are forward-thinking people who are determined to discover a better way. Whether that’s in growing and nurturing people and talent or creating new innovative software and application developments.

In every instance, from the coffee to the coding; Neem go beyond the standard and elevate our offer above that which is presumed. The extra mile is not extra for us. We’re committed to delivering a Future. Brighter.


Ronald Tweedie
Oli Macpherson
Glyn Roberts
Muneesh Sharma
Neem India Director
Setti Douzan
Director of Operations – Americas
Jake Myatt
Commercial Director
Jon Dickson
Creative Director
Sandipan Ray
Global Human Resources Manager
Namrata Parulekar
Recruitment & HR Manager

Neem. Allow yourself to dream and we’ll deliver beyond expectation.


How It Began

The Neem story started when our founder and CEO, Ronald, landed in the UK from South Africa with £500 in his pocket and a drive to create a better future for himself and others. There was always a passion to create a business that would go beyond what had been seen to date.

“Neem was born with a drive to deliver beyond that which other companies were.”

Ronald, founder and CEO

It started with one man
and £500 in a pocket…
now there’s over 200 people
across 14 countries.

In a market where many larger companies were charging large figures and not delivering, there was a huge ambition and a desire to deliver beyond expectation.

Connections were made, and Neem founder and CEO Ronald started delivering on major projects for some of the world’s biggest companies.  

After being introduced to a team at Unilever, Ronald saw an opportunity to bring innovation, technology and a can-do attitude and went on to make huge savings for the team and increase efficiency.

The results stood out from the crowd and the word spread and Ronald’s time was now in demand.

However, there was a problem, there was only one Ronald. So Neem was born and the team became two.

Fast-forward 12 years and Neem has the same passion, desire and unrelenting culture of delivering beyond expectation.

We now are a global team across 14 countries and over 200 people who carry the culture of Neem.

What started with stepping off a plane and £500 is only just getting started.  

We are Neem.  


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